Hi Shim , just wanted to give you a feedback of the class I took yesterday. With all the support provided by CETE , I was able to successfully carry out my online session finally.

Thanks to you all , you are all doing a wonderful job.

For the class , I used google hangout , most turned up for class and I was able to carry the lecture just as I would in a f2f lecture with slides and there were no internet issues or

technical glitches as such. All were able to see the slides and heard my voice clearly. At the end of the class , I even took a feedback and the feedback was very positive.

For the tutorials I’m uploading on moodle and they are to submit to me their work , through email. I am also available on chat for their doubts and questions during their tutorial time.

In addition to this I’m suggesting to them what additional resources ( videos , readings etc) they can watch or read before or even after the lecture.