CETE will be providing training on a scheduled basis based on the following main areas:


Online Teaching Essentials It is necessary to know the basics or the essentials of Online Teaching when we are moving to a remote online learning environment. Hence these trainings will allow participants to explore the basics of online teaching and learning. They will learn the critical differences between online and face-to-face courses, including faculty and student expectations, role adjustments, and course design and evaluation.
Learning Management System (Moodle) All the asynchronous learning activities and monitoring and managing of student’s learning is implemented using Moodle. We will provide hands-on online trainings to use of Moodle and the pedagogical use of the tools in creating learning activities. In addition, grading and giving feedback to students through Moodle will be covered in these series of trainings.
Designing for Remote Online Teaching There are differences in taking lessons face-to-face and in an online learning environment. Lessons to be delivered online needs to be well-planned similar to face-to-face classes. These trainings will focus on lesson planning for online classes considering pedagogy and integration of technology.
Preparing Digital Content and Resources In an online learning environment, content and the resources play a vital role to interact and engage students during the learning process. These training will assist instructors to prepare digital content and resources using available digital tools and technologies.
Digital Skills lift-up on online teaching tools and technologies Online teaching and learning require to access several digital tools and technologies. These trainings target to develop competencies of instructors on using those tools and technologies by lifting-up their digital skills.

To view the details of the trainings and the training schedule, click the Training schedule link below:

Note: A minimum of 5 participants is required for CETE to conduct a training session.