I teach ACC 311 Advanced Financial Accounting. I just completed a tutorial class of 16 students in Google Meet (We had a meeting at BS and Aisha recommended this and showed how it worked).Google Meet can be used if you have Gsuite, so I used my work email as I do not have access to uni email.

I had a test session of 15 minutes with students yesterday to check the connection and see if everything was ok or not and resolve any issues we may face. For online sessions, I create an event using Google Calendar and it has the option of a physical location or Google Meet as delivery method. I invite all my students using their email addresses and send an invitation to join the class at the assigned time. I also copy paste the link in our viber group. I also inform the online session details in the viber group. I also send them a reminder just before the session starts.

In the session all the student microphones and videos are off. I am only speaking and sharing my screen.

Since today was a tutorial, I asked them to open the tutorial sheet and slides shared from Google Drive. In my classes I read out the specific question we are going discuss and give them appropriate time to formulate an answer. I write in the chat also the question we are attempting. Once they are finished, they will type ‘done’ and I will pick out a student to answer the question by unmuting his/her microphone. We do the same for the rest of the questions. The process wasseamless and went without any difficulty.

I take attendance randomly twice during the session and ask them to write ‘present’ or ‘here’ when I take a roll call. My class is small and I found this a good solution but may not be applicable for larger classes.

The feedback from students during the test session and today’s tutorial was great. There was student engagement from the beginning till the end.

Although some students logged out (maybe due to internet connection) they still rejoined the rest of the class.