“Hangouts Meet + jamboard + PowerPoint, excel and notepad is a good enough lesson in my experience.

I think each lecturer does his own thing. I am quite new to online teaching so I actually read up on what other lecturers in other unis are doing and planned mine. I make a 20-minute highlight of lecture and during this period all student mics I ask to mute. During lecture I share either window or screen. Window if it’s ppt and me talking, and screen if I show ppt with either jamboard to scribble or excel for computation. Then I give them an activity, usually calculations to do and we go back online after one hour (this time with mics on) to discuss the computation answers as well as any points in ppt they don’t understand. Ppt and questions are in Moodle for them to see.

Usually the second online meet session takes me 20 to 40 minutes. Some students just linger with questions and I remain in meeting till all are answered or my lecture time ends. Yes. I plan my classes through google calendar and have scheduled meetings for the week and invited students as well. I also email them instructions as well as what they should expect in lecture. I also expect students to accept the invite so I can check in advance if all students actually will turn up or whether I might have missed a guest in my meeting. Have to do this for a week only and next week is automatic since my meetings are set to repeat every week (till uni opens of course).”