This crash course is designed as an intensive training program to prepare academic staff of The Maldives National University for setting up and administering online exams using the Moodle Learning Management System. Participants will learn the configuring and settings of the two major tools: Moodle quiz and Turnitin activity available in Moodle to administer online controlled exams. In addition, the strategies to maintain integrity of the online exams will be dealt through the configuration options within the tools. Participants will be provided with guided tutorials and hands-on practice through guided workshops both in Dhivehi and English language.

Course goals

The course aims to achieve major two goals as detailed below:

  • Detail the strategies used in administering and maintaining integrity of online exams
  • Develop the technical skills in configuring and setting up online exams using the tools in Moodle

Skills and Pre-requisites

Participants of the course should have the basic digital skills and basic Moodle skills to successfully complete the tasks.

Delivery Approach

This course will adopt a competency-based approach to be delivered in a blended learning environment, following a task-based instructional strategy. Participants will be allowed to complete online tasks administered through Moodle before they are required to attend guided workshops where instructors will demonstrate the steps in completing the tasks. The delivery of instructions with combination of online and guided workshops will allow participants to get deeper understanding and will provide the opportunity of self-assessing and focus on areas important through guided workshops.

Course Schedule

Self-paced Online TrainingParticipants enroll to a Moodle course and complete the tasks with the help of resources provided. CETE will provide asynchronous facilitation during the period.Week 9 – 10 (October 4 – 17)Self-enrolment to Moodle course page (refer enrolment section below)
Guided F2F Virtual WorkshopsCETE will conduct guided workshops through Google Meet and conduct hands-on practice workshops with instructor.Week 11 – 12 (October 18 – 29)Participants sign-up to the workshop according to the schedule displayed by CETE (schedule will be made available and informed later)

Self-enrollment Process

Participants need to go through a self-enrollment process to the Moodle course page. Following are the steps:

  • Login to Moodle
  • Click or type the url in another tab of the browser while you are signed in to Moodle
  • Enter the Enrolment Key: Setup_Online_Exam_2020
  • You will be enrolled in the course page.